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Historical Notes on the New Burying Ground
(Hillside Cemetery), Auburn, Mass.
From Auburn Town Meeting Books,
(Annual Town Meeting, 2 March 1847)
Article 19     "To see if the town will select & purchase a lot for a new Burying Ground or act anything relative thereto."
     "Voted to purchase a site for a Burying Ground.
     " Voted that the Selectmen be a Committee to Survey & make a plan of a lot for a Burying Ground & report at an adjourned Meeting.
     "Voted that five more be added to this Committee. By vote Chose A.L.Ackley, Israel Stone, Harvey Bancroft, Samuel Eddy & Asahel Knowlton as an addition to this Committee."
(Adjourned Meeting, May 4, 1846)

Auburn May 4th 1846

"The Committee appointed to examine & make a Survey of a place for a Burying Ground have attended to that duty & beg leave to make the following Report.    They have amde a Survey of a piece of ground belonging to John G. Stone. Laying on the road passing by the House of Dea. Isaac Stone & adjoining land of the said Isaac Stone Containing three Acres as appears for the plan of Survey annexed to this Report. Said John G, Stone will sell the above named land for One Hundred Dollars & Fencing. Which fencing is estimated to cost Seventy five Dollars, payment must be made the first of April next or interest from that time. Your Committeewill recommend to the town to purchase of the above named piece of Ground & prepare the same for a Burying Ground as being the most suitable place which they can fine for that purpose ---- All which is Respectfully submitted.

"Thomas Merriam, Chairman of Committee"

      "It was Voted to accept the above Report.

     "Voted to Authorize the Treasurer to take a Deed of the land described in the above Report & give Security for the same.

     "Voted to fence the above named Ground with a Chestnut Post and Board fence with Boards six inches wide and one inch thick. The part in the front to be plained & painted, and also a good Gate.

     "Voted that the Selectmen be authorized to divide two-thirds of the Ground into lots, appraise & offer them for Sale.

     "Voted that the town raise two Hundred Dollars in addition to the Sum of two hundred & fifty Dollars for toen Charges to pay for the Burying Ground.

     "Voted that the five named Gents. that were upon the Committee for laying out the lot be added to the Committee for dividing the Ground into lots & fencing the same."


(Meeting of 14 Sept. 1846):

 Article 2 "To see what measures the town will take to Grade the Roads & otherwise improve the new Burying Ground or act any thing relative thereto."


     "Voted to Authorize a Committee to Grade the Roads in the New Burying Ground.

     "Voted to Choose a Committee of five tp supervise the grading of the same.

     "Voted that the Selectmen be this Committee.

     "Voted That there be an additional Gate according to the Plan."

Specifications of Fences 

     "The Back Fence for the New Burying Ground -- To be built of chestnut Posts & Rails the Posts to be set Six feet apart, two & a half deet deep -- size of post Six inches in diameter in the smallest place or part -- Height of Fence four & one half feet with five Rails Six inches wide -- one inch thick. The fifth Rail to be a Cap. The Posts to be hewn on one side.

     "The above fence was struck off to Stephen Sibley to be built by him for Seven Shillings pr. Rod, to be Completed on or before the first day of May next.

    "For the Front fence to Burying Ground. --   To be five rails high & a Cap to be plained & painted with three coats of lead paint. Two good Gates. The Gate Posts to be eight inches square -- Set four feet in ground -- to be seven feet high above ground, to be (?) & Capped. The Gates to be double or in two equal parts hung with strap hinges."







Auburn Old Burying Ground notes

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