edited by John J. Hartwell


This is an annotated list of online discussion groups and email bulletin boards concerned with ancient Roman studies. Most are available to all, with unrestricted membership.

Not included are a number of lists organized for members of specific Roman reenactment groups, those with specific role-playing functions, dedicated to gaming, and some very small, virtually inert email groups.

Additions, corrections and comments are invited. jjh


Roman Army

Roman Army Forum
A British-based bulletin-board format. No need to register or login to participate. Rather low frequency of posts.
Roman Army Talk (RAT)
Board associated with the outstanding site. With almost 300 registered members, an excellent, active list.
Roman Army egroup
Stated to be "for Roman Reenactors", this newsgroup has nearly 150 members.
Sodalitas Militarium
This is the military history group of the Nova Roma micronation. Some knowledgeable people here, and one does not have to be a Nova Roma "citizen" to join.
Sponsored by the ARMAMENTARIVM, a list dedicated to all aspects of Roman military equipment studies.

General & Specialized Lists

Imperial Forum
An excellent, high-frequency forum, hosted by the superb "Roman Empire" website. Discussing all aspects of ancient Rome. Bulletin-board format, no registration necessary.
Roman Britain
A small forum, not often very active. Specializing in its title Provincia.
An outstanding newsgroup specializing in Roman archaeology.
Archaeology of Ancient Rome
Part of the "Archaeology Club" suite. A surprisingly active list for its size.
General discussion of all things Roman
Roman History Books
An active book-club, discussing all manner of Roman fiction and non-fiction.