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TR Town Record

AGO Card file of extracts from military service records deposited with the Mass. Adjutant General's Office. Currently located at the Mass. Military Histoy Institute in Worcester.

Reg Selective Service Registration forms. Microfilm copies available at NARA, Waltham
Also printed Auburn Assessors' reports.


AEF American Expeditionary Force

DB Depot Brigade (the 151st DB was the "garrison" of Camp Devens)

NG National Guard

SATC Student Advanced Training Corps. Under this program, promising students were given specialized technical training at various colleges and universities before military assignment. They lived in dormitories or campgrounds under military discipline during training.

A - H ABBOTT, Frederick - 371999
inducted 10 May 1918

Troop G, 310 Cavalry to 16 Oct 1918
Battery A, 59th Field Artillery
discharged 30 Jan 1919
Born Milton, PEI, 14 March 1888. Lived on Harrison Ave., and was foreman at the Worcester Rendering Works on Southbridge St. Unmarried.

ABELSON, Maurice B. - 129148
enlisted Regular Army 29 April 1917
pfc, Coropral, Sergeant
1st Co., Coast Artillery Corps, Ft McKinley, Me. to ?
Hq Co., 12th Field Artillery to 29 June 1917
Battery B, 12th Field Artillery
AEF 11 Jan 1918 to 6 Aug 1919
discharged 13 Aug 1919
Operations: Aisne-Marne, St Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne
Defense sectors: Aisne, Toulon (Lorraine), Chateau-Thierry (Ile de France), Marbache (Lorraine), Limney (Lorraine)
He is cited in General Order 88, Hq 2nd Div.: "Superintended the installation of telephone communication between batallion P.C. and Executive Post, under heavy hostile fire. Staunchly stood his post at the Executive Post under galling enfilade fire. This in the St. Mihiel operations. September 12, 1918."
Lived with his father, Arthur, on Rochdale St. The family owned the former McQuade Bros. soap factory.

In TR only, not in AGO file. Otherwise unknown.

ALLEN, Clifford Miner - 5532463
inducted 9 Oct 1918
discharged 10 Dec 1918
Born Auburn, 10 July 1899, son of Miner S. and Abbie B., Bancroft St. A student at WPI, he worked summers at the John Tuck farm.

enlisted NG, 2 March 1917
Co. I, 302nd Infantry
not in AGO file
According to TR his mother lived in Auburn. Otherwise unknown.

ANDERSON, Carl G. - 1906028
inducted 6 Oct 1917
Private, Corporal
151st DB to 7 Oct 1917
Co. C, 327th Infantry
AEF 25 April 1918 to 20 May 1919
in hospital 12 Aug to 16 Dec 1918
discharged 26 May 1919
Defense sector: Lucey (Lorraine)
Son of Gustaf and Matilda, lived on Hill St. He later became an Auburn Police Officer.

ANARTA, Hector R.
TR has "no relatives here. Not in AGO file. Otherwise unknown.

AUDETTE, Ernest O. P. - 1665760
inducted 22 Sept 1917
Corporal, Sergeant, Bn Sergeant-Major
151st DB to 1 May 1918
Hq Det 301st Tn MP, 76th Div
AEF 8 July - 10 Dec 1918
discharged 16 Dec 1918
Lived with parents on Oxford St. He worked as a clerk in Worcester.

AUDETTE, Sugene A. - 1693534
inducted 27 April 1918
151st DB to 24 May 1918
Co. L, 301st Inf, 76th Div to 31 July 1918
Co. A, 163rd Inf, 41st Div to 6 Aug 1919
Co. K, 165th Inf, 42nd Div to 10 Feb 1919
Ft. Devens Det, 338th Inf
AEF 5 July 1918 to 2 April 1919
discharged 16 Dec 1919
Operations: St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne
Defense Sector: Essey-Pannes
Born Auburn 13 March 1890, son of Paul and Virginia. A shoecutter, he lived with his parents at (104) Oxford St.

AUDETTE, Hector Howard - 1732501
enlisted Regular Army 15 Dec 1917
152nd DB to 27 April 1918
Advance Ordnance Depot 1 to 29 Nov 1918
117th Mobile Ordnance Repair Shop
AEF 29 March 1918 to 28 April 1919
discharged 5 May 1919
Born in Auburn 27 Dec 1893, lived with his parents, Mr & Mrs Joseph at (60) Oxford St. He was an "auto repairer" employed by Smith & Stone, Worcester.

AUDETTE, Louis E. - 3152362
inducted 22 Aug 1981
wagoner, private
151st DB to 22 Nov 1918
Headquarters Co., Camp Devens
discharged 29 March 1919
Born Worcester, 30 June 1895, son of Cleophas Audette. Lived on Oxford St., with his parents. He was a clerk at Reed & Prince Mfg. Co., Worcester.

AUGER< George E. - 760162
Enlisted Reg. Army 11 May, 1913
Sergeant First Class, Surgeon
Hospital C, Ft. Strong, Mass.
U.S.A. General Hospital #6, Ft. McPherson, Ga. to 31 Jan 1920
furloughed Reg. Army Reserve
discharged 4 June 1920

His father, Silas, lived on Southbridge St. Brother of the next entry.

AUGER, Melvin Albert - 1905786
inducted 6 Oct 1917
151st DB to 11 Nov 1918
Co. B, 327th Inf., 82nd Div to 23 May 1919
AEF 25 April 1918 to 18 May 1918
wounded in action (slightly) 8 Oct 1918
discharged 28 May 1918
Operations: St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne
Defensive Sectors: Lucey, Morbache

Born Worcester, 14 June 1895, son of Silas. He lived on Southbridge St. with his parents. Employed as a spinner at American Woolen Co., Winooski, Vt. Brother of the last entry.

BALCOM, Charles J. - 679557
enlisted Reg. Army at Ft. Slocum, NY 9 Oct 1918
Troop D, 2nd Cavalry discharged 22 July 1918
He was the son of Peter Fred and Mable M. Balcom, and lived with his parents on Tinker Hill Rd.

BENOIT< Harold J. - 1408609
enlisted Reg. Army 5 April 1916
pfc, mail orderly
Troop G, 14th Cavalry to 8 July 1916
Troop D, 16th Cavalry to 8 Dec 1917
Co. E, 5th Ammunition Train to 3 Sept 1919
furloughed to Reg. Army Reserve
AEF 27 May 1918 to 21 July 1919
discharged 4 June 1920
Operations: St. Mihiel, Meuse-Argonne
He was a Section Hand with the P&W Railroad. Lived with his father, Charles J., on Stone St.

BENOIT, Napoleon Joseph - 3153267
inducted 23 July 1918
151st DB
discharged 4 Dec 1918
Born in Spencer, 27 Nov 1892. Married, lived on Buron Terrace. He was a machinist with David Gessner Co.

BERG, Carl Otto - 1901472
inducted 6 Oct 1917
151st DB to 11 Nov 1918
Co. ?, 326th Infantry to 24 April 1918
157th DB, Stockade, Atlanta, Ga.
discharged 20 Nov 1918
Born Auburn 23 April 1894, son of August. Lived with his mother on Southbridge St. He was employed as a chauffer by Wright Wire Co., 69 Hammond St., Worc. He listed his religious status as "International Bible Student" on registration form (most left it blank)

BERTHIAUME, Joseph Leo - 1082838
enlisted Reg. Army 31 Jan 1918
pfc, Cfr, Cfr 1st Class
Signal Corps, Aero Division
13th Balloon Co.
AEF 10 July 1918 to 18 June 1919
discharged 30 June 1919
Born in Millbury. In 1917, he lived on Gates Court with Emma M. Berthiaume (mother? sister?) TR gives his "guardian" as "Mrs. Cyprien Beland, 23 Charles St, Pawtucket, RI" (perhaps the same).

BLAKE, Joseph E. - 71567
enlisted NG 20 June 1916
Co. C, 2nd Mass. Infantry (104th US Infantry), 26th (Yankee) Div.
Mexican Border Service (qv)
AEF 5 Oct 1917 to 4 April 1919
wounded (slightly) 13 Sept 1918
discharged 28 April 1919
Operations: Chemins des Dames, Aisne, St. Mihiel, Troyon, Meuse-Argonne
His real name was Blais, son of Edward Blais of Oxford St. When he enlisted, his name was mistakenly entered as BLAKE, and he let it stand & served his time as "Joseph Blake".
BLAKER, John Alfred - 4909370
inducted 15 Oct 1918
SATC, Co. C, M.I.T.
discharged 9 Dec 1918
Borin in Erith, Kent England, 15 July 1899, he lived with his parents on Gates Court. He wasemployed by Manfret Machine & Tool Co. of Worcester.

enlisted NG 25 Jan 1916
corporal, mail orderly
Battery 2, 2nd Mass Field Atrillery
discharged 7 Sept 1917
Unidentified. TR lists "no relatives here."

BLAIS, Joseph see BLAKE, Joseph

BOMBARD, Albert H. - 401894
enlisted Reg. Army 9 March 1918
Sn Tn, Sergeant, MD
Aviation Schools, Kelly Field, Texas to 10 April 1918
130th Aero Squadron to 12 July 1918
Aviation Mechanic Training Det., St. Paul, Minn. to 17 Aug 1918
253rd Field Hospital, Co 14 Sn Tn
discharged 7 Feb 1919

BOMBARD, Arthur E. - 397148
inducted 6 July 1918
private, bugler
25th Rct Co, Ft. Slocum, NY to 9 July 1918
Machine Gun Training Center, Camp Hancock, Ga. to 11 Sept 1918
Co. D, 41st Machine Gun Bn
discharged 14 Jan 1919
LABOMBARD in AGO files. TR lists "Mr & Mrs Henry J. Bombard" as next of kin. Unidentified.

BOMBARD, Kennison H.
Signal Corps, Aero Division
Not in AGO files. TR reports "family moved to Park Ave Worcester." Unidentified.

BOUDREAU, Wilfrid Nelson -
enlisted New Hampshire National Guard 1915
Corporal 1917
2nd Lieutennant
Signal Corps, Co. B, Newport News, Va.
Not in AGO. All data from TR and reg.
Born Auburn 24 Feb 1894, son of Jeremiah. He registered for the draft as from Auburn, where his family lived "off Green St." in 1912, on Main St. in 1917. He was a basket maker with the eastern States Package Co., Peterboro, NH.