The Auburn Military
Records Project

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Revolutionary War

Civil War

World War I

"small wars"*

World War II


* "small wars" are:

War of 1812
Spanish-American War
Mexican Border Service


A project of HAuburn.com, in association with the Auburn Historical Society, Inc.

edited by John J. Hartwell

The Auburn Military Records Project (AMRP) is dedicated to all the men and women of the town of Auburn, Mass., who served their country on active duty during time of war. It is a compilation of the military service records of those individuals who were residents of Auburn at the time of their enlistment, for all conflicts from the American Revolution to the present. It also includes selected documents, narratives, and other materials relevant to that service.

At present, preliminary service records have been collected for:

The American Revolution (__ men)

War of 1812 (1 man)

Civil War (100 men)

Spanish-American War (7 men)

Mexican Intervention (4 men)

World War I (100 men)

All of these will be put online as time allows. The Auburn Civil War Roll is the first to be made available.

These records are all documents in process. As time goes on, any or all of them may be expanded, supplemented, or corrected. So, an occasional check-back might reveal additional information.


Official Military Service Records through World War I are available from various sources: published rosters, microfilm records, or original manuscripts. These are located in several libraries or archival repositories in Mass., Washington DC, or elsewhere. Few of these are arranged by town, however, and a great deal of research and comparison of often contradictory sources has been necessary to assemble an accurate list of names, and to locate their records.

Transcripts of service records for World War II, and other later confliicts, however, are accessible only to the veterans themselves or their immediate descendants. Other, more indirect and time consuming means must be used to accurately document their service. During World War II, the Town of Auburn kept a list of over 800 men and women and the branches of the service in which they served; together with their addresses in Auburn and their next-of-kin. This list will be presented here, and information added to it as it is received.

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