Civil War

part 2
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Auburn Civil War Roll: A - L


M - Z

MC CANN, Owen, 20, carder
Co. E, 15th MVI
enlisted 1 July 1861
head wound (Antietam) 17 Sept 1862
transferred 25 Oct (29 Nov) 1862 to 1st US Engineers
reenlisted 3 Feb 1864
discharged Feb 1867
Born in Ireland, son of James and Mary. In 1860 census his age is given as 13; he was living with his brother Peter (age 19) in the household of Rose Limney, washerwoman. According to TR his age at enlistment was 16, and gives "Brigid Doherty" as next-of-kin. Brother of the next entry. Living in Worcester in 1890.

MC CANN, Peter, 21, carder (or spinner)
Co.D, 15th MVI
enlisted 1 July 1861
captured (Antietam) 17 Sept 1862, paroled
discharged disabled March 1863
received town bounty($5) 7 Feb 1862
See note on his brother, Owen (last entry).

Co. C (Emmett Guards), 3rd Bn Rifles
enlisted April 1861
discharged July 1861
Co. E, 21st MVI
enlisted 23 Aug 1861
1st Sergeant 1 Oct 1862
commissioned 2nd Lieutenant 26 April 1863
slight wound (Wilderness) 6 May 1864
flesh wound at temple (Spottsylvania) 12 May 1864
leg wound (Bethesda Church) 2 June 1864
Acting Adjutant June 1864
wound in thigh (Weldon RR fight) 19 Aug 1864
transferred 8 June 1864 to
Co. I, 36th MVI
discharged disabled (wounds) 28 Nov 1864
received town bounty 23 Aug 1861.

MC DERMOTT, John, 20
Co. E, 25th MVI
enlisted 14 Sept 1861
reenlist 17 Dec 1863
Corporal 1 Jan 1864
transferred to
Co. B 5 Oct 1864
discharged 13 July 1865
born in Ireland, son of Thomas and Rose.

MC GINNISS, Horatio, 22, spinner
Co. F 21st MVI
enlisted 19 Aug 1861
lost arm (Chantilly) 1 Sept 1862
discharged disabled 11(or 22) Dec 1862
may have also served in VRC.
received town bounty 23 Aug 1861
born Great Barrington




*MALONEY, William, 23, tailor (Brookfield)
Co. C, 19th MVI
enlisted Jan 1865
discharged June 1865

MARCY, Hoseah J., 27, farmer
Co. C, 25th MVI
enlisted 1 Oct 1861
discharged 20 Oct 1864
1890 veterans' census says he still suffered from "internal injuries" from handling "heavy goods" during service.

MARSH, Charles P.,
Batt. H 1st Rhode Island Light Artillery,br. enlisted 17 July 1862
transferred 28 July 2864 to
117th Co., 2nd Bn, Veterans Reserve Corps (Invalid Corps)
discharged 10 Oct 1865

MARSH, James N.
, Co. K, 33rd MVI
enlisted 8 Aug 1862
discharged 27 May 1865, "per S O War Dept" (TR)

MAYERS, Charles A., 20, wire worker
Co. A, 25th MVI
enlisted 10 Sept 1861
slight leg wound (Arrowfield Church) 4 May 1864
transferred to
Co. C 5 Oct 1864
transferred to Co. I, 61st MVI
discharged 25 July 1865
born St. John,s N.S., son of Francis and Harriet. In 1860, living (farm laborer) in Auburn with parents and six siblings.

NEAYLON, John, 44, stonelayer
Co. C, 57th MVI
enlisted 5 Feb 1864
twice wounded (Spottsylvania) 10 May (broken shoulder) and 12 (bullet to head) May 1864
discharged 30 July 1865
born Co. Clare, Ireland. 1860 census gives his age as 38. Enlistment papers give age: 40, height: 5'4", comp.: dark, eyes: gray, hair: black. Died 1891.

NEAYLON, John jr, 20
Troop G, 3rd Rhode Island Cavalry
born Ireland
(to be researched)

NEEDHAM, Carlos (or Charles) D., 21, manufacturer
Co. F 4th Heavy Artillery
enlisted 15 Aug 1864
discharged June 1865



NEWTON, Eugene Herbert,
Co. D 4th US Engineers (Corps d'Afrique)
commissiomed Captain 16 Sept 1863
unit reorganized 4 April 1864 as
98th US Colored Infantry
unit consolodated Aug 1865 into
78th US Colored Infantry
discharged 6 Jan 1866
There is confusion here to be resolved. According to TR he was commissioned Captain, US Engineers, 19 Nov 1861, but this service does not appear in S&S. Recorded as receiving town bounty 26 Nov 1861, so enlistment at that time highly likely.
Born Auburn, 5 Sept 1842, son of Samuel A. and Mary W.

NEWTON, George F., 18, farmer
Co. A, 15th MVI
enlisted 7 Oct 1861
captured (Ball's Bluff) Oct 1861, paroled soon thereafter
died (wounds received "by the Elm City at Yorktown" (per Aegis, 14 June) during the Penninsula Campaign)) 10 June 1862
TR has cause of death as "typhoid fever."
Born in Auburn, 1 Dec 1845, son of Lydia Hart (possibly illegetimate)

NEWTON, Henry Gregory, 20, farmer
Co. D, 25th MVI
enlisted 7 Oct 1861
Corporal 18 June 1864 (TR gives 12 Match 1863)
reenlisted 18 Jan 1864
Sergeant 1 Jan 1865
discharged 13 July 1865
captured, died a POW. (Needs clarification)
Born Auburn, 12 Jan 1841, son of Ebenezer and Sarah.

NYE, Franklin, 22, farmer
Co. C, 51st MVI
enlisted 22 Aug 1862 (res Hardwick)
discharged 27 July 1863
4th Heavy Artillery
enlisted as Corporal, Aug 1864 (res Auburn)
discharged June 1865
According to 1890 veterans' census was still suffering from "weak bowels" due to service.
Born Hardwick. Died Auburn, 20 March 1921

OWEN, Sanford Mason, 21, weaver
Co. F, 21st MVI
enlisted 21 Aug 1861
transferred Oct 1864 to
Co. K, 36th MVI
transferred 8 June 1865 to
Co. B, 56th MVI
discharged 28 June 1865
received town bounty 23 Aug 1861
Born in Boylston, son of Benjamin and Harriet. Family living in Auburn in 1860.
Often listed as "Mason Owen". Rarely "Owens".

RACE, Eugene, 19, machinist
Co. F, 4th Heavy Artillery
enlisted 15 Aug 1864
discharged June 1865

unattached Heavy Artillery
enlisted Jan 1865
discharged 3 June 1865
received town bounty 16 Jan 1865

RICE, George Dwight, 20, farmer
Co. C, 51st MVI
enlisted Aug 1862
died (disease) May 1863 (reg. hist. has 9 March) at New Bern, NC. (TR says "typhoid fever")
Born Auburn, 16 April 1842, son of Ezra and Luthera.

RICE, Henry F., 21, music teacher
Co. C, 51st MVI
enlisted 25 Sept 1862
discharged 27 July 1863
4th Heavy Artillery enlisted
Aug 1863
Corporal 15 Aug 1864
discharged July 1865
Born Auburn, son of Leonard and Charlotte (not in Auburn VR).

RICHARDSON, Aaron M., 40, mechanic or blacksmith
Co. I, 36th MVI
enlisted 4 Aug 1862
discharged 8 June 1865
received town bounty ($150) 11 Aug 1862
Born Maine.

received town bounty ($100) 8 Oct 1864, for a re-enlistment. No further record.
(needs further research)

SIBLEY, Francis Stephen, 21
Co. K, 25th MVI
enlisted 21 Sept 1861
discharged disabled 24 March 1864
Born Auburn, 26 Dec 1839, son of Stephen and Charlotte.

SMITH, Bernard 2nd, 20, shoemaker
Co. J, 15th MVI
enlisted 29 July 1861
captured (Ball's Bluff) Oct 1861. Exchanged
discharged disabled 29 Nov 1864
received town bounty 5 Aug 1861
Born Ireland.

SOUTHGATE, James S., 20, trader
enlisted 13 July 1863
receiving ship USS Ohio
served on USS Canandiagua and USS Princeton
discharged Aug 1864
Born Worcester.

STAFFORD, Rhodes, 34, shoemaker
Co. E, 4th Mass. Cavalry
enlisted 5 Jan 1863
died (disease) in Mower's Hospital, Philadelphia, 21 Oct 1864
Born Connecticut, son of Allen and Huldah. In Auburn in 1860, census gives his age as 36.

STOWELL, Edward Davis, 30, shoemaker
Co. F, 21st MVI
enlisted 23 Aug 1861
discharged Aug 1864
Born Charlton, son of Charles and Ruth B.

*STRATTON, Walter L., 18, conductor (Worcester)
Co. A, 1st Heavy Artillery
enlisted 21 Sept 1864
discharged June 1865

TIFFANY, Charles M., 16, farmer
Co. K, 42nd MVI
enlisted (as musician) 1 Nov 1862
discharged 20 Aug 1863
Born Ashford, Ct., son of George and Harriet. Living with parents and siblings in Auburn (Oxford St.) in 1860. Brother of the next two entries.

TIFFANY, Edwin T., 26, machinist
Co. F, 22nd MVI
enlisted 11 July 1864
discharged 11 Nov 1864 (needs clarification as to reason for discharge)
See note under TIFFANY, Edwin T. Brother to last and following entries.
Died in Auburn, 20 Sept 1911.

TIFFANY, Nelson,
Co. A, 25th MVI
enlisted 16 Sept 1861
reenlisted 18 Jan 1864
severely wounded (Arrowfield Church) May, 1864
deserted (from hospital in Boston) Oct 1864
returned under Presidential amnesty April 1865
discharged July 1865. Brother to last two entries. See note under TIFFANY, Edwin T.. Born Ashford, Ct, 1843. Died Auburn (of 1864 wounds) 4 Oct 1899.

TOLE, Patrick, 19, weaver
Co. G(or E), 25th MVI
enlisted 13 Sept 1861
reenlisted 18 Jan 1864
discharged 13 July 1865
Born Ireland, son of Patrick and Anne.

*TURLEY, William L., 20, machinist (Worcester)
Co. G, 42nd MVI
enlisted 9 July 1864
discharged 11 Nov 1864
(needs clarification)

*WHITE, George, 23 "colored" (Boston)
Co. H, 2nd Heavy Artillery
enlisted 15 Aug 1864
discharged 3 Sept 1865 (as Corporal).

WILLIAMS, Charles C., 22 farm laborer
Co. K, 25th MVI
enlisted 17 Sept 1861
reenlisted 16 Dec 1863
discharged 16 Dec 1863 WILLIAMS, George, 20
Co. F, 21st MVI
enlisted 23 Aug 1861
discharged disabled 7 May 1862
Born Yarmouth, N.S.

WILLIAMS, George O., 18, farmer
Co. E, 15th MVI
enlisted Nov 1861
wounded in arm (Antietam), 17 Sept 1962
transferred 15 Jan 1864 to
Co. E, 20th MVI
discharged June 1865

WILLIAMS, George S., 23, farmer
Co. E, 15th MVI
enlisted June 1861
reenlisted 15 Jan 1864
KIA (Spottsylvania) 13 May 1864
Born Holliston. Brother of Charles C. (above - see note). According to Daniels' History of Oxford, ke was "killed while on picket duty and buried in the field".

*WILLIAMS, Jackson, 22, mechanic (Manchester, NH)
Co. C, 2nd Heavy Artillery
enlisted 23 Dec 1864
deserted at Worcester during training.